Alba Fhathast

Unveiling the Enigma of Loch Ness: The History and Truth Behind the Monster

Introduction Friday, April 14th, 1933, a married couple—a respected businessman and his university graduate wife—stop their car, watching in surprise as a mysterious whale-like creature emerges from the calm waters of Loch Ness, less than a mile from the shore, before plunging back beneath the surface again. And a tourist industry is born! The Loch […]

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The Unicorn

Several countries around the world have mythical creatures as their chosen national animal, but as far as I’m aware only Scotland has the Unicorn. Obviously, Scotland did not invent Unicorns (there are references to them in the Bible after all) but we adopted them around the 15th century. Around this time European nations were all

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Scotland – Past to Future

I’ve been playing around with this log off and on for the last day or two. The original idea in my head was a stylized outline of Scotland giving it a modern feel. I don’t claim that this concept is particularly original in and of itself, I’ve seen similar ideas executed for at least the

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Resources For Learning Gaelic

I do not speak Gaelic and really have never shown any aptitude for learning languages at all, so I don’t imagine I ever will. But for those with more ambition and perhaps more ability, there are many resources out there and some of them are free. So here’s a definitely not complete list to get

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